27th MFRU _ International Festival of Computer Arts                                                                                                  8 – 15 October 2021, Maribor, Slovenia

The 27th edition of the festival attempts to address the community-related issues in relation to open society, open science, open technology, and continuing research in directions of transhumanism. Between technology and integration of technology in processes on a planetary level, a question of importance on human beings arises. A human and his personal freedom versus the ever-increasing and necessary subordination to technology? But there is also a forecast or even hope that technology and science will accelerate and improve human evolution, so that humanity could transcend its physical, mental, and social limitations. If we managed to successfully replace all the biological parts of a human body, we would become a machine that could be eternal. But a question remains, would we still be able to feel, think, and recollect memories in the same way. What would happen to our view of the world?