SIMULATION OF MOVEMENT IN VR – is a project that examines the possibilities of moving a car in a virtual environment with two viewing positions of users/participants. This is a simulation that helps beginners, who have not yet ‘gotten behind the wheel’, notice the differences between a game and reality. Games are fun, but not real. Current VR technology and software can simulate realistic driving situations and help gain knowledge and experience. The user has a choice of two perspectives of participation: third-party viewing, which is relaxed and when the user ‘drives’ the virtual model at a much higher speed. This option is close to current/previous driving games. The second option, however, is much more complex, demanding, and requires a lot more of the users’ attention. Their view this time is from the perspective of the ‘edge of the (car) hood’, so they can see everything that would be seen from that position, which is not possible in real life. In this option, the ‘driver’ is more careful, drives slower, more thoughtfully; safer. This simulation shows that driving is not a game at all, even in a protected, risk-free, virtual environment.